10 Best Tens Units For Feet Plantar Fasciitis And Neuropathy


Before going to Best Tens Units for Feet Plantar Fasciitis and Neuropathy, I want to give you some brief information about plantar fasciitis and neuropathy.

Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain. It’s an inflammation of the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that supports your arch from underneath. This can happen due to overuse, strain, injury to the foot, or diabetes. People who are overweight, have flat feet or stand for long periods of time are at a higher risk of developing plantar fasciitis. The condition can be very painful and make it difficult to walk or perform everyday activities.

For people with diabetes, using a TENS unit to treat plantar fasciitis can provide a non-invasive and drug-free option for pain relief. Since people with diabetes often manage multiple health conditions, it’s essential to minimize the use of medications to avoid potential interactions or complications.

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Using a TENS unit for plantar fasciitis can also help improve blood flow to the feet, which is critical for people with diabetes. Poor circulation is a common problem in people with diabetes and can lead to a host of complications, including foot ulcers and infections.

Overall, using a TENS unit for plantar fasciitis can be a beneficial treatment option for people with diabetes.


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Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves and can cause a range of symptoms, particularly in people with diabetes. It can lead to a loss of sensation in the feet, making it difficult to detect injuries or foot problems, including plantar fasciitis. Diabetic neuropathy can also cause pain and burning sensations in the feet, making it uncomfortable to walk or stand for extended periods of time.

TENS units can provide non-invasive pain relief by using electrical stimulation to improve circulation and reduce inflammation, helping to maintain mobility and quality of life.

Now coming to answer the question.

What is TENS UNIT?

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A TENS unit, which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is a device used for pain relief. It is a small, portable electronic device that delivers low-voltage electrical currents to the body through electrode pads placed on the skin. These electrical currents stimulate the nerves and help alleviate pain by blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain.

They are FDA approved for use in the United States and have been studied and used for over three decades. Tens units are very popular for home use due to their easy accessibility and low cost.

They are a great solution for foot pain due to plantar fasciitis and nerve damage, as they are easy to use on your own. Many times, a physical therapist will give you one as part of your treatment plan.

There are many different brands of Tens units, and all have different features. Some have adjustable intensity and longer run times, or they come in different sizes depending on whether you are a child or an adult.

How is it best for plantar fasciitis and neuropathy?

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TENS units can be a great option for providing non-invasive pain relief for people with plantar fasciitis and neuropathy in their feet. Here are some ways in which TENS devices can be beneficial:

1. Non-invasive:

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TENS units are a non-invasive treatment option, which means that they don’t require injections or surgery. This makes them a safer and more convenient option for many people.

2. Pain relief:

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TENS units use electrical stimulation to provide pain relief by improving circulation and reducing inflammation in the affected area. This can help alleviate pain caused by plantar fasciitis and neuropathy.

3. Customizable settings:

A TENS DEVICE display and electrodes

TENS devices typically come with a variety of customizable settings, such as pulse frequency and intensity, which can be adjusted to suit your individual needs and preferences.

4. Cost-effective:

A hand writing COST EFFECTIVE on green background with TENS MACHINE

TENS units can be a cost-effective option for managing foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis or neuropathy, as they are often less expensive than other treatment options like prescription medications or surgery.

5. Beneficial for diabetics foot pain

TENS units can be particularly beneficial for diabetics who experience foot pain due to peripheral neuropathy. As a non-invasive and customizable pain relief option, TENS devices can help diabetics manage their foot pain without the need for prescription medications or surgery.

Overall, TENS units can be an effective and convenient option for managing foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis and neuropathy.

Now if you don’t know how to use a tens unit for foot plantar fasciitis and neuropathy, let me answer this.

When using a TENS unit for foot neuropathy, it’s important to follow the instructions provided with your specific device. However, here are some general guidelines:


1. Identify the area of your foot where you are experiencing neuropathy pain. This may include the bottom of the foot, toes, or heel.

swab and bandage

2. Clean the skin thoroughly in the area where you plan to place the TENS pads. This will help ensure that the electrical stimulation is delivered effectively.

An conductive gel on shoulder

3. Apply a small amount of conductive gel to the area where the TENS pad will be placed. This will help the electrical impulses flow more easily through the skin.

An electrode on foot of a man

4. Place the TENS pad directly over the area where you are experiencing neuropathy pain. You may need to experiment with different pad placements to find the most effective location.

A phyaician adjusting TENS ELECTRODES

5. Turn on the TENS unit and adjust the settings according to the instructions. You should feel a tingling or pulsing sensation in the area where the TENS pad is placed. Adjust the intensity to a comfortable level.

6. Leave the TENS pad in place for the recommended duration, which may be anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the device and the severity of your pain.

tens device with electrodes on white background

7. After use, turn off the TENS unit and remove the pads. Clean the skin again with soap and water to remove any remaining conductive gel.

Remember to always consult with your healthcare provider before using a TENS unit or any other treatment for foot neuropathy.

But where to place tens pads for foot neuropathy?

When placing TENS pads for foot neuropathy, it’s important to identify the area of the foot where you are experiencing pain. Here are some general guidelines for pad placement:

  1. For pain in the toes or ball of the foot, place the pads on the sole of the foot near the affected area.
  2. For pain in the heel, place one pad on the heel and the other on the sole of the foot near the heel.
  3. If you are experiencing pain in multiple areas of the foot, you may need to use multiple TENS pads or move the pads around during treatment to target different areas.

Remember to always follow the instructions provided with your specific TENS unit for proper pad placement and use.

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Now what to look for in a TENS UNIT for feet?

Following are some of the features that one should look for in plantar fasciitis for the best performance.

1. Evaluating performance

An TENS device

When looking at TENS units, it’s important to find one that provides accurate step counting and has a high number of steps per minute. This means that the device can deliver strong and rapid stimulation that can effectively alleviate foot pain. However, it’s important to note that some TENS units may have a high number of steps per minute but may not be accurate in counting the steps. This can result in inconsistent and ineffective stimulation, which can make the device less useful for treating foot pain. Therefore, it’s important to find a TENS unit that has both a high number of steps per minute and accurate step counting to ensure effective pain relief.

2. Reviewing design and comfort

A man adjusting TEN DEVICE electrodes on foot

When looking for the best ten unit foot massager, consider the design. Most have a footrest and a vibration motor, but some also have additional features like Shiatsu or heat.

Shiatsu massage features have rolling balls that work your muscles. Heated units help soothe your pain by relaxing your muscles and improving blood flow. Combination units like these are great because you get both massage types!

Also, look at the design of the footrest. How high is it? Is it firm enough to massage your whole foot? Can you position your feet properly on it? These are important questions to answer.

Finally, check if it is comfortable to sit on. You want it to be soft, but not so soft that you do not get a good massage! Test it out and see if it is just right for you.

3. Identifying pros and cons

Pros and cons computer generated art

When looking at the top ten best Tens units for plantar fasciitis and neuropathy, it is important to note the pros and cons of each unit. Some may have many more pros but have a con that is a deal-breaker for you.

Pros of these units include their small, portable size, cost-effective treatment, no surgery required, and no medication needed. Some units are even waterproof, which allows for treatment in the shower.

The only con to these units is that they take some time to work. Depending on the severity of your condition, it may take a few weeks to a few months for noticeable results.

Now it’s time to list the top 10 best TENS UNITS for Plantar Fasciitis and Neuropathy.

Out of time? Let us choose for you.

The HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS Unit emerges as the best choice.

The HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS Unit offers a comprehensive set of features that make it highly effective for feet plantar fasciitis and neuropathy. With dual channels and 15 massage modes, this unit provides versatile and targeted pain relief. It allows users to customize their treatment by adjusting the intensity level and choosing from various massage techniques. Additionally, the YK15AB TENS Unit is known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate even for beginners.

1. HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS Unit

The HealthmateForever YK15AB TENS unit EMS Muscle Stimulator is a highly effective handheld electrotherapy device designed for pain management and relief. With its advanced features and versatile modes, this device offers targeted pain relief for various conditions, making it a popular choice among individuals seeking a natural and non-invasive solution.


1. Clear and labeled buttons:

The buttons on the HealthmateForever YK15AB are conveniently labeled with specific body areas, such as “neck,” “shoulder,” “back,” and more. This user-friendly feature allows for easy selection of the targeted area, ensuring precise pain relief and muscle stimulation.

2. 15 Modes and Adjustable Intensity:

With 15 different modes available, including Knead, Acupuncture, Tap, Cupping, Scraping, and Random, this device provides a wide range of options to cater to your specific needs. Additionally, you can adjust the intensity levels to personalize the treatment and find the optimal level of comfort.

3. High Intensity and Multiple Outputs:

The YK15AB offers high intensity and features four outputs. Whether you choose to use one output or all four simultaneously, the device maintains the same 20 levels of intensity across all pads. This allows for consistent strength and effectiveness without dividing the strength by the number of pads used.

4. Large LCD Display with Backlight:

The device is equipped with a large LCD display that features a backlight. This clear and illuminated display provides convenient visibility, allowing you to easily monitor the selected mode and the remaining time in the cycle.


  • This TENS unit can be used on various parts of the body, including the neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, feet, and joints.
  • Can be used for both chronic and acute pain.
  • Helps to improve blood circulation and muscle function
  • Non-invasive and drug-free pain relief solution.
  • Easy to use and portable, can be used anywhere and anytime.

How to Use the HealthmateForever YK15AB:

  1. Plug the pad wires into the A and B channels at the top of the device.
  2. Attach the wires to the pads for powered muscle stimulation.
  3. Remove the protective film from the pads and place them at least 3 centimeters apart on each side of the targeted area.
  4. Turn on the unit using the on/off button. It will automatically start in mode 1 and level 1.
  5. Select your desired mode by pressing one of the 15 mode buttons on the front of the device.
  6. Adjust the intensity using the buttons provided. Gradually increase or decrease the intensity for a comfortable treatment.
  7. If using dual channels, control the intensities for each channel separately.
  8. To control the speed, use the speed buttons located on the front of the device.
  9. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the pain relief and muscle stimulation provided by the HealthmateForever YK15AB.


  • Clear and labeled buttons for easy selection of targeted areas.
  • Customizable modes and adjustable intensity levels.
  • High intensity and multiple outputs ensure consistent strength.
  • Large LCD display with backlight for convenient visibility.
  • Portable and compact design for on-the-go use.
  • Drug-free and non-invasive alternative for pain management.


  • Some users may experience skin irritation or hypersensitivity to electrical stimulation.
  • Requires adherence to guidelines and cautionary measures for safe usage.

2. AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit

The AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Machine is a highly versatile and rechargeable pain relief device. With 20 different modes and a variety of electrode pad options, this TENS unit provides effective muscle stimulation and pain management whenever you need it. Whether you’re experiencing muscle aches or fatigue, this machine can help you relax and find relief from discomfort.


1. Up to 20 Modes:

The AUVON TENS Unit offers a wide range of pre-set modes including hammering, kneading, shiatsu, and more. These modes are designed to target specific areas of the body and provide relief from the pain associated with exercise, daily activities, or general muscle fatigue.

2. Independent Mode Control:

With separate modes and intensities for channels A and B, you have the flexibility to customize your treatment. For example, you can choose the Acupuncture mode with an intensity level of 5 for your shoulder in channel A, while simultaneously running the Tapping mode with an intensity level of 12 for your lower back in channel B.

3. Industry-Leading TENS Pads:

The TENS unit comes with high-quality electrode pads that offer excellent self-stick performance for up to 45 uses. The package includes 2″ square pads, which are ideal for compact pain areas like knees or elbows, as well as larger 2″x4″ reusable patches that are perfect for areas such as the back.


  • Provides effective pain relief and muscle stimulation.
  • Versatile modes to address various types of pain and discomfort.
  • Customizable settings for individualized treatment.
  • High-quality electrode pads for optimal performance and durability.
  • Rechargeable for convenient use anytime, anywhere.
  • Compact and portable design for easy transport.

How to Use the AUVON TENS Unit:

  1. Ensure the device is charged using the included USB cable and charger.
  2. Connect the lead wires to the TENS machine.
  3. Attach the electrode pads to the lead wires.
  4. Clean and dry the skin in the targeted area before applying the pads.
  5. Peel off the protective film from the pads and place them on the skin, following the recommended placement for your specific condition.
  6. Turn on the device and select the desired mode and intensity for each channel.
  7. Adjust the intensity level gradually until you reach a comfortable yet effective level of stimulation.
  8. Relax and allow the TENS unit to provide pain relief and muscle relaxation.


  • Offers a wide range of modes for targeted pain relief.
  • Independent control of channels A and B allows for customized treatment.
  • High-quality electrode pads provide excellent self-stick performance.
  • The rechargeable design eliminates the need for batteries.
  • Portable and compact for on-the-go use.
  • Comes with a comprehensive package including various electrode pad sizes.


  • Some users may find it challenging to navigate through the numerous modes and settings.
  • The placement of electrode pads requires proper positioning for optimal results.


The NURSAL TENS EMS Unit Muscle Stimulator is a highly effective device designed for pain relief therapy. With its dual channels and multiple modes, it offers customizable treatment options for a wide range of conditions. This TENS machine provides a convenient and efficient way to manage pain, promote relaxation, and enhance overall well-being.


1. A/B Dual Channels:

The NURSAL TENS machine features dual channels, allowing you to independently control and adjust the modes and intensities for channel A and channel B. This enables targeted treatment and the ability to address multiple areas simultaneously.

2. Up to 24 Modes:

With its extensive range of pre-programmed massage modes, such as kneading, acupuncture, beat, cupping, scraping, and taichi, the NURSAL TENS unit offers versatility and flexibility in pain relief. Each mode is designed to target specific pain patterns and provide optimal therapeutic benefits.

3. Memory Function:

The TENS machine’s last memory function remembers your preferred mode settings, ensuring convenience and ease of use. You can easily access your preferred mode without the need for a manual adjustment each time you use the device.

4. Immediate Pain Relief:

The NURSAL TENS EMS unit is highly effective in providing immediate pain relief. It stimulates the sensory nerves and muscles, activating the body’s natural pain gate mechanism. Whether you are experiencing muscle soreness, joint pain, sports injuries, or chronic conditions like arthritis or sciatica, this device can help alleviate discomfort and promote relaxation.

5. Rechargeable Battery:

Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly replacing batteries. The NURSAL TENS machine is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery that offers extended usage time. Simply charge the device using the included USB cable, and you’ll have a reliable and long-lasting power source for your pain management needs.

6. Portable and User-Friendly Design:

The NURSAL TENS EMS unit is designed with portability and user convenience in mind. It comes with a carrying bag that allows you to take the device with you wherever you go. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and select the desired modes and intensities.

7. Versatile Electrode Pads:

The NURSAL TENS unit comes with a variety of electrode pads, including 2″ square pads and 2″x4″ large pads. The different sizes cater to various pain areas, providing targeted relief. The pads are self-adhesive and offer excellent stickiness for multiple uses.

8. Comprehensive Accessory Kit:

Along with the TENS machine, you will receive a complete accessory kit that includes lead wires, a USB cable, a pad holder, a pouch, cable ties, and a user manual. This ensures you have everything you need to start using the device right away.


  • Dual channels allow for independent control and simultaneous treatment of multiple areas.
  • Wide range of pre-programmed modes for versatile pain relief.
  • Memory function saves preferred mode settings for convenience.
  • Provides immediate pain relief and promotes relaxation.
  • Rechargeable battery offers extended usage time and eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements.
  • Portable design with a carrying bag for on-the-go use.
  • Versatile electrode pads cater to different pain areas.
  • Comprehensive accessory kit included.


  • Not suitable for pregnant women or individuals with certain medical conditions, such as heart disease, epilepsy, hypertension, or those with pacemakers.

4. TENS 7000 Digital TENS Unit

The TENS 7000 is a muscle stimulator, nerve stimulator, and electric massager that provides prescription-strength pain relief without drugs. It is a consumer favorite for back pain relief and a leader in physical therapy equipment. It has been a favorite TENS device among medical professionals since 2008.


1. Dual channel TENS unit that controls four TENS unit pads (electrodes) for targeted pain relief.

2. Provides TENS therapy, muscle stimulation, nerve stimulation, and electric massage.

3. Pulse amplitude, or intensity level, is adjustable from 0-100mA in 10mA increments.

4. Comes with multiple TENS therapy modes for instant muscle pain relief.

5. Treatment is timed with the device, and it automatically shuts off after a certain time period within the setup.

6. The user manual and guide are available for reference before use.


  • Provides immediate and lasting drug-free muscle pain relief from back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, and bursitis.
  • Helps to treat common ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, shoulder, knee, elbow, leg, and foot pain.
  • Can be used as a muscle massager or shoulder massager to promote muscle recovery.
  • Provides carpal tunnel relief and acts as a muscle relaxer.


  • Over 1 million TENS 7000 devices sold.
  • A favorite TENS device among medical professionals for delivering drug-free back pain relief.
  • The device has multiple TENS therapy modes and is a class leader in electric massagers for muscles.
  • Dual channel control allows for targeted pain relief with four electrode pads.


  • The device may not work with only one electrode. It requires electrodes to be used in pairs.

5. AccuRelief Dual Channel TENS Unit

The AccuRelief Wireless TENS Unit and EMS Muscle Stimulator is a 3-in-1 combo device designed to provide safe and drug-free pain relief. With 14 preset programs and 60 levels of adjustable intensity, this device can be used to block pain signals, promote the production of endorphins, and contract and relax muscles. Whether you’re experiencing neck pain, back pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, or pain associated with carpal tunnel and tennis elbow, this device can help.


1. The AccuRelief Wireless TENS Unit and EMS Muscle Stimulator come equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 4 adhesive electrode pads, a USB charging cable, and 2 AAA batteries.

2. It can be used with or without the included handheld remote or mobile application, available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

3. The device features three therapy modes: TENS, EMS, and massage.

4. With over 50 years of clinical expertise, AccuRelief is a trusted leader in pain relief devices.


  • This device provides a safe and drug-free solution for pain relief, making it an excellent alternative to pain medications.
  • With 14 preset programs and 60 levels of adjustable intensity, it can be customized to meet your individual needs.
  • It’s versatile, elegant, and effective, making it perfect for use at home or on the go.
  • With the included remote control and mobile app, you can easily adjust the settings and control the TENS unit pads/electrodes wirelessly.


  • Provides safe and drug-free pain relief
  • Customizable with 14 preset programs and 60 levels of adjustable intensity
  • Versatile and portable design                  
  • Includes a remote control and mobile app for wireless control of TENS unit pads/electrodes
  • Trusted brand with over 50 years of clinical expertise


  • May require some experimentation to find the optimal settings for individual pain relief.
  • Some users may find the included adhesive electrode pads to be less durable than desired.

6. iReliev Wireless TENS + EMS Unit

Experience effective and convenient pain relief with the iReliev Dual Channel TENS Unit System ET-1313. This FDA-cleared device provides prescription-strength therapy without the need for a prescription. Its compact size may deceive you, but it is designed to alleviate muscle and joint pain caused by strain, sports activities, or daily tasks. Let’s explore the features and benefits of this versatile TENS unit.


1. Easy to Use

With its user-friendly design, the iReliev TENS Unit System is easy to operate. Simply follow the instructions to set up the device and start experiencing relief from muscle and joint discomfort. It’s intuitive controls and clear display make it accessible to users of all levels.

2. On-Demand Muscle and Joint Relief:

No need to suffer in silence. The iReliev TENS Unit System provides on-demand relief for muscle and joint pain whenever you need it. Whether you’re experiencing acute or chronic pain, this device can help alleviate your discomfort, allowing you to resume your daily activities without interruption.

3. Prescription Strength but Cleared for Over the Counter (OTC) Use:

You deserve the same level of pain relief recommended by doctors and used by physical therapists, and now you can have it without a prescription. The iReliev TENS Unit System delivers prescription-strength therapy but is cleared for over-the-counter (OTC) use. This means you can access professional-grade pain relief without the hassle or cost of obtaining a prescription.

4. Portable Therapy, Whenever, Wherever:

Pain doesn’t adhere to a schedule, and neither should your pain relief. The iReliev TENS Unit System offers portable therapy that you can take with you wherever you go. Its compact size allows for easy transport in your bag or pocket, ensuring that relief is always within reach, whether you’re at home, work, or traveling.

5. TENS Technology Stimulates the Body’s Own Natural Pain Killers:

Harnessing the power of TENS technology, the iReliev TENS Unit System stimulates the body’s natural painkillers. By delivering electrical pulses to the affected area, it helps to block pain signals and encourages the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain-relieving chemicals. This natural approach to pain management promotes a sense of well-being and reduces reliance on medication.

6. iReliev Pain Relief System Dual Channel TENS Massager:

The iReliev TENS Unit System is a dual-channel device that allows you to target multiple pain points simultaneously. With the ability to surround your pain with 2 or 4 electrode pads, you can tailor the therapy to your specific needs. Each channel can be controlled independently, providing customized treatment for different areas of your body.

7. 8 Pre-set Pain Relief Programs:

The iReliev TENS Unit System offers 8 pre-set pain relief programs. These programs are specifically designed to address various types of pain, providing targeted relief for both acute and chronic conditions. Additionally, there is a dedicated program (P8) designed specifically for arthritis pain relief, catering to the unique needs of individuals suffering from arthritis.

8. 25 Adjustable Intensity Levels:

To ensure optimal pain relief, the iReliev TENS Unit System provides 25 adjustable intensity levels. This wide range of intensity settings allows you to fine-tune the level of stimulation based on your comfort and pain levels. Whether you require gentle relief or a more intense session, you can easily find the right intensity level for your needs.

9. 60-Minute Adjustable Therapy Timer:

The iReliev TENS Unit System includes a 60-minute adjustable therapy timer. This feature allows you to set the duration of your treatment session according to your preferences and needs. Whether you prefer shorter sessions or longer, sustained therapy, the adjustable timer ensures controlled and timed pain relief sessions.

10. Dual Channel Capability and Other Noteworthy Features:

The iReliev TENS Unit System boasts dual channel capability, allowing you to connect up to 4 electrode pads for larger pain coverage or simultaneous treatment of multiple body parts. With independent control over each channel, you can customize your therapy settings for each area, maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment.

11. 8 Pre-Programmed Therapy Modes:

To cater to a wide range of pain conditions, the iReliev TENS Unit System offers 8 pre-programmed therapy modes. Each mode is uniquely designed to target specific types of pain, allowing you to customize your therapy and address your individual needs. Whether you’re dealing with acute or chronic pain, these pre-set modes provide tailored relief.

12. Digital LCD Display:

The iReliev TENS Unit System features a clear digital LCD display, which shows the operating status and essential information. The display indicates the intensity levels for each channel, program mode, lock feature, battery voltage, and timer. This allows for easy monitoring and adjustment of your therapy settings.

13. Low Battery Indicator:

Never be caught off guard by low battery power. The iReliev TENS Unit System includes a low battery indicator that notifies you when the battery voltage is running low. This feature eliminates the guesswork and ensures that you can replace the batteries in a timely manner. On average, the batteries last up to 150 hours, providing long-lasting pain relief.

14. 25 Power Levels:

The power levels of each respective channel are clearly indicated on the LCD screen. You can easily adjust the output intensity from 0 to 25 by simply pressing the on/+ button or the off/- button. This wide range of power levels allows you to fine-tune the intensity to match your comfort level and pain severity.


1. Easy to use:

The iReliev TENS Unit System is user-friendly, allowing for hassle-free operation and setup.

2. On-demand muscle and joint relief:

Experience immediate relief from muscle and joint pain whenever you need it, without the need for medication.

3. Portable therapy:

The compact size of the device makes it highly portable, enabling you to use it wherever and whenever pain strikes.

4. Prescription strength:

Despite its small size, this TENS unit delivers prescription-strength therapy, providing powerful pain relief.

5. Customizable settings:

With 8 pre-set pain relief programs, 25 intensity levels, and a 60-minute adjustable therapy timer, you can personalize your pain management experience.

6. Dual-channel capability:

The device supports dual-channel functionality, allowing you to target multiple areas simultaneously or cover a larger pain area.

7. Clear LCD display:

The digital LCD display provides a clear view of the operating status, making it easy to monitor and adjust your settings.

8. Low battery indicator:

The device includes a low battery indicator, ensuring that you are aware of when it’s time to replace the batteries.


Limited electrode pads:

The package may include a limited number of electrode pads, requiring additional purchases for extended use or frequent replacement.


The device relies on battery power, so it’s essential to have spare batteries on hand or ensure regular charging to avoid interruptions in therapy.

7. Omron Max Power Relief TENS device

The Omron Max Power Relief TENS device is a versatile and powerful TENS unit muscle stimulator designed for the relief of chronic, acute, and arthritis pain. This device offers two times more power than the Pocket Pain Pro and is perfect for those hard-to-reach, deep pains that just keep coming back.


1. Powerful and highly customizable TENS unit with 15 levels of intensity.

2. Smart-phone sized unit with belt clip for portability.

3. Easy-to-read screen with large buttons for simple operation.

4. 6 Pain modes: shoulder, lower back, arm, foot, leg, joint.

5. 3 Massage-like modes: rub, tap, knead.

6. 100% drug-free, safe, and effective for home use.

7. Includes standard-sized Long-Life Pads.

8. Recommended by Omron.


1. Blocks pain message and triggers endorphins (natural painkillers).

2. Enhances blood circulation.

3. Highly customizable and effective for multiple body parts.

4. Portable and easy to use at home or while traveling.

5. Soft, comfortable pads gently adhere to your skin and are reusable up to 150 times.


1. Versatile and powerful for the relief of chronic, acute, and arthritis pain.

2. Customizable with multiple intensity levels and pain modes.

3. Portable and easy to use at home or while traveling.

4. Soft and comfortable Long-Life Pads are reusable up to 150 times.


May take time to find the right settings for optimal pain relief.

8. TruMedic TENS Unit PL-009

The truMedic TENS Electronic Pulse Unit is a powerful device designed for pain management. Utilizing transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) stimulates muscles and nerves, improves joint mobility, and enhances your overall well-being. With its compact size and customizable features, it provides effective relief for muscle stiffness, soreness, aches, and pains. Let’s explore its features, benefits, and pros and cons.


1. Preset Programs:

The device offers preset massage programs tailored to different muscle groups, allowing you to choose the program that best suits your needs.

2. Customizable Massage:

You can adjust the speed and intensity of the electronic pulses, and choose between the “Massage,” “Beat,” or “Knead” settings to control the rhythm and sensation of your electrotherapy session.

3. Repeat Feature:

The repeat button enables you to cycle through preset programs at regular intervals, or you can use it to stay on a specific program without switching to the next one.

4. Portable and Lightweight:

The compact size of the device makes it highly portable and convenient to use on the go. It is smaller than a remote control, allowing you to manage your pain wherever you are.

5. User-Friendly Design:

The device features clearly-labeled buttons and a large screen, making it easy to adjust the controls and see the settings at a glance.


1. Effective Pain Management:

The TENS technology stimulates muscles and nerves, providing effective pain relief for sports-related injuries, natural wear and tear, and other sources of discomfort.

2. Improved Joint Mobility:

By using the truMedic TENS unit, you can enhance your joint mobility, allowing for greater flexibility and range of motion.

3. Enhanced Mood:

The electrotherapy provided by the device can help boost your mood and alleviate stress, providing a holistic approach to pain management.

4. Precise Pain Targeting:

By placing the electrode pads directly on the site of pain or discomfort, you can experience immediate relief, muscle, and nerve stimulation, and overall relaxation.

5. Convenience on-the-Go:

The portable nature of the device allows you to carry it with you wherever you need it, so you no longer have to be confined to your home due to aches and pains.


  • Offers customizable massage settings to suit individual preferences and needs.
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability.
  • User-friendly interface with clearly labeled buttons and a large screen.
  • Preset programs tailored to different muscle groups for targeted relief.
  • Repeat feature allows for continuous use of a preferred program without cycling through others.
  • ISO-9001 certified and FDA-approved for safety and quality assurance.
  • Comes with a full parts and labor warranty for 90 days.
  • Bonus access to pain-management videos provided by Tildet, a renowned expert in the field.


  • The warranty period may be relatively short compared to some other devices on the market.
  • Some users may prefer a wider range of preset programs for more specific pain management needs.

9. NueMedics Tens Unit Machine Pulse Massager for Pain Relief

The NueMedics Tens 24 is a versatile device that combines TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and PMS (Powered Muscle Stimulation) technologies to provide drug-free pain relief. It has been trusted by Physical Therapists and prescribed by Doctors for over 40 years. By delivering low-voltage pulses to the skin, it effectively blocks pain signals and promotes the release of natural endorphins. With its user-friendly interface and various massage modes, the NueMedics Tens 24 offers a convenient solution for managing pain without the need for medication.


1. 24 Massage Modes:

The device offers a wide range of massage modes, including “Neck,” “Shoulder,” “Back,” “Elbow,” “Hip,” “Foot/Hands,” “Knee,” “Joint,” “Acu,” “Knead,” “Tap,” and “Random.” These modes are clearly labeled on the large LCD display, allowing you to choose the appropriate mode for your targeted area.

2. 10 Pads:

The NueMedics Tens 24 comes with 6 large electrodes (pads) and 2 electrode cables, providing ample coverage for multiple areas of the body.

3. Rechargeable Battery:

The device features a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that offers up to 20 hours of continuous use. It can be conveniently charged using the provided mini USB charging cable and AC wall plug, allowing for flexibility in power sources.

4. User-Friendly Operation:

The device is designed for ease of use. Before starting, ensure that all pads are securely placed on the skin and the wire is properly attached. The intensity button remains locked until the pads are in place for safety. The M button allows you to select from 12 massage modes and 2 styles, while the T button sets the treatment time for up to 60 minutes. The +/- buttons enable easy adjustment of intensity levels, and the A/B button allows for switching between channels when using both simultaneously.


1. Drug-Free Pain Relief:

The NueMedics Tens 24 provides a non-invasive and drug-free method of pain relief, making it a safe and natural alternative to pain medication.

2. Effective Pain Blocking:

By stimulating nerve fibers, the device effectively blocks pain signals from reaching the brain, providing immediate relief from various types of pain.

3. Promotes Natural Endorphins:

The low-voltage pulses delivered by the device trigger the release of endorphins, which act as natural pain relievers, promoting a sense of well-being.

4. Customized Treatment:

With 24 massage modes to choose from, you can select the mode that best suits your specific needs and target different areas of your body for personalized pain relief.

5. Long Battery Life:

The rechargeable battery offers up to 20 hours of continuous use, allowing for extended treatment sessions without the need for frequent recharging.


  • Combination of TENS and PMS technologies for comprehensive pain relief.
  • Clear labeling and large LCD display for easy mode selection.
  • Ample electrode pads are included for broad coverage.
  • A rechargeable battery provides long-lasting use.
  • User-friendly operation with intuitive buttons and keylock mode.
  • Comes with a lifetime limited warranty for added peace of mind.


  • No mention of specific warranty details beyond the lifetime limited warranty.

10. Belifu 4 Independent Channel TENS EMS Unit

The Belifu 4 Independent Channel TENS EMS Unit is a versatile muscle stimulator machine designed to provide pain relief and muscle relaxation. With its four independent channels and customizable settings, this pocket-sized device offers a convenient solution for managing chronic pain and muscle spasms. It features 24 preprogrammed massage modes, 30 levels of intensity, and time control, allowing for personalized therapy. Whether you’re at the office, in the car, or traveling, the Belifu TENS EMS Unit is your powerful weapon against pain.


1. Independent 4 Channels:

Each channel on the Belifu TENS EMS Unit can be set separately, offering flexibility in targeting different areas of the body. You can adjust the intensity and time control for each channel, allowing for customized treatment.

2. 24 Preprogrammed Massage Modes:

With 24 preprogrammed massage modes, the unit provides a wide range of options for pain relief and muscle relaxation. Whether you’re dealing with arthritis, period pain, knee pain, neck pain, back pain, or sports injuries, this device can help alleviate discomfort.

3. 30 Levels of Intensity:

The Belifu TENS EMS Unit offers 30 levels of intensity, allowing you to adjust the strength of the electrical pulses to suit your comfort and treatment needs.

4. Long Battery Life:

The built-in powerful rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 20 hours of continuous use. You can easily recharge the unit using the included wall charger, power bank, or laptop USB port. The battery level indicator reminds you to charge the device in a timely manner.

5. 10 Strong Self-Adhesive and Thicker Reusable Electrode Pads:

The Belifu TENS EMS Unit comes with 10 self-adhesive reusable electrode pads and 5 sets of lead wires. The pads have a comprehensive adhesive layer that ensures firm attachment to the skin during use. Additionally, fastening cable ties are provided for easy management of the lead wires after each session.

6. Hands-Free Operation:

The compact design of the device allows for easy attachment to your belt or pants, enabling you to enjoy the electric pulse massager hands-free wherever you go.


  • Four independent channels for personalized treatment on different areas of the body.
  • Wide range of 24 preprogrammed massage modes to address various types of pain.
  • Adjustable intensity levels (30 levels) to customize the strength of the electrical pulses.
  • Long battery life (up to 20 hours) with a rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Included self-adhesive and thicker reusable electrode pads for secure attachment.
  • Hands-free operation for convenience and ease of use.


  • Not suitable for pregnant women, individuals with hypertension, and those with pacemakers.
  • Pain relief may vary depending on the individual and the type of pain experienced.


In this comprehensive article about “Best Tens Units For Feet Plantar Fasciitis And Neuropathy”, we have delved into the realm of TENS units specifically designed to alleviate the discomfort associated with feet plantar fasciitis and neuropathy. We understand the challenges faced by individuals seeking effective pain relief, and that’s why we have curated a list of the 10 best TENS units for these conditions. By examining their features, benefits, and pros and cons, we have provided you with a comprehensive overview to help you make an informed decision.

Each TENS unit on our list offers unique features and functionalities tailored to address foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis and neuropathy. Whether you prioritize versatility, intensity control, or portability, there is an option that suits your specific needs.

Lastly, our exploration of the best TENS units for feet plantar fasciitis and neuropathy has presented you with a comprehensive overview of the top 10 options available. We hope this article has equipped you with the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision and find the TENS unit that best meets your needs. Say goodbye to foot pain and embark on a journey towards enhanced comfort and improved well-being with these remarkable devices.


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